Functional – in a changing world

The definition of functional drinks varies widely and can include energy drinks, vitamin drinks, sport drinks and recovery drinks. At Magic House, we’re evolving the category – with creativity and innovation. We develop beverages that combine positive functions for body and mind with great tastes and refreshing feelings. It is not Magic, we call it following the natural concept. Nature is our base when creating innovative and high quality products.

The big picture

Society is constantly changing, and that in turn impacts business. As we see it today, consumers are increasingly interested in health, not just to stay healthy but to reach their full potential – more individuality and with a higher focus on self-awareness.

At the same time, consumers are pressed for time. They’ve got high expectations on the products and services they use. They want quality, accessibility and convenience, delivered as promised and without any fuss.

Add to this, the ever increasing flow of information especially through internet and social medias. Consumers seek truth, from friends, family and acquaintances, from gurus and experts in all forms. They tell stories, and the message spreads. Stories about promises kept, or not kept. Stories that define images and lifestyles, stories that have a major impact on consumer behavior.

The next wave of beverage innovation is the evolution of functional drinks. A natural step after the global ascent of energy drinks, the wider category of functional drinks offer consumers more added value – for high volumes and profitable margins. It is the future of the beverage market.